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Exhibition Registration Date: 10:00-21:00, Nov, 10TH ,2015
Registration Address:Tian Jin Donglihu Hengda Hotel,Tianjin ,China

Booth preparation:
For Standard Booth:17:00-21:00, On Nov,10th, 2015
For Special Booth: 15:00-21:00, On Nov, 6th, 2015

Exhibition address: Tianjin Donglihu Hengda Hotel,Grand Ballroom Hall

Conference address: Tianjin Donglihu Hengda Hotel,Congress Hall,

Conference &Exhibition Date: On Nov,11th-12th ,2015 

Conference &Exhibition opening time : At 9:00 ,On Nov,11th ,2015

Conference closing time : At 12:00 ,On Nov, 12th, 2015

Exhibition closing time: At 17:00 , On Nov, 12th, 2015


Council Conference time: At 14:00-17:30 On Nov, 10th,2015

Council Conference address: Tian Jin Donglihu Hengda Hotel


Conference Activaties
1, The 9th session of 1st council Conference, CSPA: The participants in ChinaReplas who are allowed to attend in the Council conference
2, Tianjin Outstanding enterprises Visiting (Extra Charges)
3,Photo show of Industrial Past ,Present, and Future

Conference Agenda

The Part 1,The Petroleum,Plastic Price and Industrial Environment
1, Analysis of petroleum, raw materials and plastic price in long-term trend
2,The developmental space of renewable plastics industry under low oil price background
3,The China 13th five-years scrap plastics industry planning

The Part 2,Financing and Initial Public offering (IPO)
1, Analysis of IPO requirements for plastic enterprises
2,Experience share of recycling resources IPO enterprises on new three stock listing plates

The Part 3, Forecasting of Import and Domestic policy
1,Explanation of plastic recycling value added Tax (VAT ) incentive policies
2,Analysis of imported scrap plastics cases in 2015
3, The new supervising trend in scrap plastics industry
4, The development status of scrap plastics recycling industry in2015
5, The publishing plan and affection of "Plastic Recycling Standard and Condition"

The Part 4: The investment and analysis of international market
1, Experience share of recycling plastic factory investment in USA
2. Experience share of recycling plastic factory investment in Southeast Asia
3, Analysis of European and Japanese scrap plastics market
4, Discussion of American scrap plastics market

The Part 5, Recycling plastic equipment innovation
1,The Latest technologies :Sorting, Granulating and Impurity removal technology innovation
2,<<Recycling Scrap Plastics Equipment Encyclopedia >>----Analysis of outstanding enterprises

The part 6, Regeneration technology and Modification technology
1,The development of recycling plastic stability, toughness and compatibility technology
2,The Moisture removal techniques and Odor removal techniques
3,The New application innovation of recycling plastic

The part 7,  Enterprise Strategy and Factory Management
1, Choices of recycling plastic enterprises strategic direction in new situation
2, The recycling plastic factory development and detail operation

The part 8,The 9th  session of 1st council  Conference of CSPA
1, Analysis and forecasting of industrial development landscape after 3 years
2,The coping strategies of scrap plastics entrepreneurs under industrial charges
3, The experience share of outstanding enterprise under the adversity situation,
4, Collecting the CSPA internal reference documents , submitting to the supervising departments

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