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Registration: 10:00 -21:00 , May 17, 2015, Location:Baiyun international convention center ,Gangzhou, Guangdong Province ,China

The booth preparation: 19:00-22:00, May 7,2015 at Red zone , Multi-function hall , 2/F, Building No.4, Baiyun international convention center

Conference & exhibition: May, 17-18, 2015

Conference &Exhibition opening: 9:00am ,May 17,2015

Location: Red zone , Multi-function hall , 2/F, Building No.4, Baiyun international convention center

Conference & Exhibition closing: 12:00 noon, May, 18, 2015

Conference activity

1, Champions of the Earth Award
2, The 5th batch of Top 100 ecological enterprises Award
3, Attending CHIINAPLAS International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition,
4 International and domestic trade show
5, The 8th CSPA committee board meeting
6, Scrap plastic recycling and modification technology sharing

Conference agenda

The first part: Exploring the economic environment in relation to industrial development
1. Explanation of contemporary economic environment
2. The trend of monitoring scrap plastic industry
3. Case analysis of imported scrap plastic recycling industry
4. Explanation of Customs supervision policy in imported scrap plastic recycling industry
5. Research and analysis on the situation of scrap plastic industry

The second part: new industrial pattern and new strategy
6. The new industrial pattern and corresponding strategy
7. The outstanding enterprises discussion forum (Research on industrial model)
8. The public awareness and industrial development
9. The mobile network and scrap plastic industrial network transformation
10. The competition behind oil price changes  

The third part: Technology innovation and equipment achievement
11. The sorting and granulating technology innovation
12. The New Technology Equipment achievement Report
13. Construction and operation of plastics recycling factory
14. The sharing of scrap plastic recycling technology through wechat

The fourth part: International trade
15. America scrap plastics market forum
16. Europe scrap plastics Market Forum
17. Japan scrap plastics Market Forum
18. Southeast Asia scrap plastics Market Forum

The fifth part: The creation of industry culture and new commercial civilization
19. Protectors of the Earth Award
20. The 5th batch of Top 100 Ecological Enterprises Award
21. Creation of the new commercial civilization in scrap plastics industry

The sixth part: CSPA’s scope of works
22. The overview on trade disputes solution mechanism
23. Guide on classification of imported scrap plastics
24. The creation of industrial technology innovation electronic platform
25. Standardization of scrap plastics recycling technology

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